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How to deal with ticket touting the MP way - Let everyone benefit bar the concert-goer!


Artists and sports bodies should share profits from tickets resold on internet auction sites, MPs have said.

In a report on touting, they have stopped short of calling for a ban, but have told online touts to "clean up their act" because they exploit fans.

Surprisingly Ebay is happy to support this, as well
The Resale Rights Society (RRS) - representing the managers of the Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and Robbie Williams and more than 400 other acts - has already said it would support a levy being added to resold tickets.

So... their solution to beat touting is to do the following:

Allow touts to continue to make money.
Allow those already making money from the tickets to make even more money (as said on the article, like Ford getting money from used car sales).
Allow sites like Ebay to continue to profit.
Make no difference to consumers, as touts will probably just up prices to counteract the levy.
Effect them negatively, as that means anyone wishing to sell their ticket due to illness etc. will lose money.

But Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis said touting should be banned, and the problem of re-selling tickets should be dealt with by getting people to pre-register and putting photos on tickets.

Commendable, Michael, but thats not the best solution.

How should we sort it? Ban reselling tickets, and force ticket agencies to issue refunds (they will lose no money this way, and still make money because they would probably just pay for the price of the ticket, not the additional fees). That's it. The consumer wins. They can then resell the ticket via normal means.

It's crazy, and this really pisses me off. Benefitting the ticket holder is not what this is about, benefitting those who make money is what is, and what our current crop of MP's are good for. The tout to them is not really terrible, he's a clever little capitalist, and so he can make his money, ticket agencies can get even MORE, and so can everyone else. The loser, even MORE now: The ticket-holder. Doesn't surprise me a Lib Dem backs this.

Simple. But no, they make it more complicated to fuck people over more.
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