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Nature_1 - A Muse community.

Teh Muse Faithful

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"You are a natural disaster...."

Welcome to the User Info page for a Lj Muse community, Nature_1. Nature_1 was maintained by elfreakokid, and was designed and stuff by originally.

This community is obviously for Muse fans, and discussing Muse. There's only a few rules, try and follow them, or bugger off:

* Keep on-topic. You can talk about anything Muse-related, even if it's only a small thing. But please don't post stuff that has nothing to do with Muse. That's what your journals are for, you silly fish.

* Spam. Don't do it. If you've got a Muse-related community, or website then go nuts. I don't want to see ads for any other communities that have nothing to with Muse.

* Don't troll. It's pointless, we won't care, and I'll just delete it. Do something constructive: have a wank.

"'Cause you could've been number one..."

Nature_1 is the best Muse thing anywhere, but there's some other places you can visit. We recommend:

Muse.mu - The official site. Yup.

MicroCuts.net - Nice looking fansite, all the usual features.

InMuseWorld.net - Another nice site, message boards and stuff.

MuseAndAmuse.com - Flashy Muse site, with a lot of information on the band, and tons of links, and cool stuff.
MuseNet.co.uk - Back up after hosting problems! :D

RoomThirteen.com - Reviews and news, including reviews by our very own rubzo!

"Come waste your millions here..."

Here's some sites where you can buy cool Muse stuff:

EIL.com - Large selection of singles, promos, imported stuff.

Muse have their own shop online now!

www.swagshop.com/store/muse/ - Posters. Muse posters. Cool stuff.

So, yeah. Welcome, and stuff. If you've got any Muse-related questions, just ask. We're a smart bunch... Well, I am...


Thanks to lockecole for NOTHING.

Last updated - 13/11/03

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